Coach Nic

Sales Geek + Revenue Renegade

"Get over your fear of the fees. Understand the value that you bring to people's lives. Show Up, Be Fearless, And Give Your Price." ~Coach Nic

Who Is Nic

Selling is an absolute necessity if you want to be in business. Coach Nic is a trailblazer in the art of sales coaching with a proven track record. She has helped numerous clients double their income in 30 days or less. Her passion for coaching motivates her to individuals overcome the fear and procrastination that prevents them from making money.

Coach Nic has real world sales experience at a Fortune 500 company generating over $140 MILLION in revenue. She has over 10 years of experience in coaching and development executing customized programs and workshops for leading organizations. She has effectively increases revenue in small businesses by creating a sales process that works.
She assists entrepreneurs in creating their irresistible offer that will convert clients easily.

Coach Nic's Sales coaching provides a highly effective approach on how sales=success in your business, making her one of the most sought after sales coaches in New York City.



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